How it Works

How it works:

We offer both meat and vegan meals. With the meat option you’ll choose a starch and a vegetable side. You may substitute starch for a vegetable side.

Meat based meals contain approximately 40-45 grams of protein.  Vegan meals have over 25 grams of plant protein from legumes, nuts & seeds, and whole ancient grains.

We use microwaveable safe containers that are reusable.  If you wish, simply rinse and return container with your next order and we will sanitize them in order to reuse.


Heating your healthy meal is simple…

Toaster oven / regular oven) – Remove food from container provided and place in an oven safe container, bake at 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes;

Microwave heating – utilize microwave safe container provided and heat for 2 to 3 minutes;



We deliver fresh, healthy meals twice a week to your home or office, which will help maintain your busy day and ensure you the tastiest & healthiest meals around.

If you’re unavailable to take delivery at home simply put an ice chest outside your door. If unavailable to take office delivery, we will find the perfect spot in your office refrigerator.